The Totally Exhaustive and All-Encompassing Gift Guide for Yarn Crafters, 2016 Edition!


For: the friend who loves the most luxurious fibers and high-quality notions, uses four different kinds of specialty hand-washing soap, and perhaps keeps their stash in some sort of display cabinet.


For: the friend who has to buy yarn six skeins at a time, knows their obscure personal measurements by heart, and has the most covetable handknitted wardrobe.


For: the friend who bats for the other team, secretly loves a good doily, and uses three times as much yarn as the rest of us.


For: the friend who always has a project tucked away on their person, has a unique pair of socks for every day of the year, and loves crazy colors.


For: the friend who has lots of grandkids/nieces/nephews or pregnant friends, loves getting a whole sweater out of a single skein, and deeply grateful for the invention of superwash.


For: the friend who always has the newest cool gadget, can never resist something limited edition, and is the most fun to go to the yarn shop with.


For: the friend who lives and dies for their Instagram account, has a pile of pattern books as coffee table display, and probably knows Jared Flood’s phone number.