About CMYK

City Moth Yarn & Knits is the operation of a wool-addicted little moth in the PNW. Based in Portland, Oregon, knitter and spinner Kathryn makes beautiful things for this unique and very crafty part of the country, and regions far beyond.
I began learning how to knit when I was in my single digits. My English grandmother, a lifelong knitter and crocheter, taught me to make tiny, misshapen blanket squares, and, when I figured out I didn’t have to stop at a square-ish shape, tiny, misshapen scarves. 20-odd years later, things are less tiny and much less misshapen. I branched out into spinning in 2011, and adopted my wheel, Morgaine, the February of 2013. After a long while of crafting just for myself and close friends, I felt the urge to share my talents further, so I started selling the occasional handknit and consigning handspun at my then-local yarn shop. I love knowing that my creations are travelling the world in other crafty hands: from the islands of the Pacific to the sunny American South.

The notion of the City Moth came to exist a couple of years ago as a lifestyle blog. I sought a place to collect my ideas, share my crafts and photography, and generally indulge in lovely internet things. It gradually blossomed into so much more than that: being the City Moth is my whole aesthetic. I aspire every day to embody the hopes and ideas I once put down on paper (so to speak): creativity, resourcefulness, ambition, style, adventure, expression, and confidence.

So I’m quite happy to have you all with me as I set off on this new adventure, and may every inspiration you take from my blog and products bring you closer to finding your own path, whether it lead to city, country, seashore, dune, or lands beyond. ❤


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