A tale of woe.

Do you see this hat? It was perfect. Slouchy in all the right places, and a truly excellent shade of witchy green in my favourite yarn that, for all I knew, had been discontinued forever (the Sanguine Gryphon’s Little Traveller). It was so perfect and so wearable and I loved it. Just look at it! Went with absolutely everything.


So of course I would put it on a couple of weeks ago as I’m headed out the door to work. I would think nothing of the rain as I stood at the bus stop. I wouldn’t even hardly notice as a woman with an umbrella stood behind me as the bus pulled up.

But I definitely noticed when, as she closed her umbrella just over my shoulder, the end of one of the tines snagged the back of Perfect Favourite Green Little Traveller Slouchy Beanie and yanked it off my head, which happened pretty much as I was stepping up onto the bus. And I’m absolutely sure I noticed my poor hat land squarely in the rain-filled gutter between the bus wheel and the curb. In fact, I’m pretty sure that part actually happened in slow-motion, accompanied by me doing something along the lines of


RCYC 2014 at Twisted

RIP in peace, Perfect Favourite Green Little Traveller Slouchy Beanie.

May your successor prove worthy.



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