Sometimes it’s not coffee and lime pickle for dinner.

Sometimes it’s real food.

This weekend was clear and cold — perfect soup weather — and I had a goal in mind: garlic soup, specifically this version by Najwa of Delicious Shots.

I did make a few changes to the original recipe: swapped out the chicken broth for vegetable, and sliced in a bunch of oyster mushrooms. I recommend getting a minion to do all the garlic peeling for you. Three heads is more cloves than you might think. The result was a rich, woodsy broth that you could smell from all the way down the hall. Planned on saving some of the leftovers for lunch at work but there were no leftovers to be had! Even kept some of the garlicky-thymey olive oil to use for cooking something else nice later.

garlic soup

It’s Monday now and the dishes still aren’t done, but one thing at a time.

In other news, I assembled the artificial Christmas tree we put up at work today and now my poor delicate little forearms are scratched all to hell. Trying not to mind, as it’s probably the only tree I’ll get to have this year. :/


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