Happy 99%-off-bagged-Halloween-candy Day!

It was a rare morning — cloudless, breezy, and full of sunshine — and very appreciated after last night’s downpour. Spent it out strolling with a nice hot latte in my hand and ended up popping in to one of the local bead shops. Now, beading is another one of those crafts that I really enjoy but have to aggressively ration, because if I’m not careful, I’ll be drowning in one more craft’s worth of supplies and my peace of mind can’t handle that what with already the watercolors and inkpens and of course the yarn yarn yarn yarn.

But I did find these tiny zodiac sign charms that I simply had to have. Starting with Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio so I have markers specifically for my three main giftees’ Christmas knits, but I may go back tomorrow and pick up the rest to make a full set.


Which is not to say I haven’t been doing my post-Halloween American duty and going into a proper candy-fueled sugar coma. Those peanut butter cups won’t eat themselves.


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