lil moth goes to Paris!

You heard it here first, folks. Almost six and a half years exactly after my first visit, I’m headed back to Paris.

I never had the Paris-based Audrey-and-peonies obsession that ran rampant through the personal aesthetics of women aged 18 to 25 a while back. As Western Europe goes, I much prefer London, but to be perfectly honest I massively lucked into this trip so overall you will hear zero complaints from me no sir.

gare du nord

It’s about time to start transitioning into my fall/winter wardrobe in Portland, so I think I’m going to take the opportunity to chuck a lot of old stuff before I leave and go on a wee spree while I’m travelling. Most of these silly “dress like a Parisian” articles say the same things. Stick to neutrals. Keep jewellery simple. Weigh 100 pounds regardless of your height. Black, black, black. I can manage that last one easily enough but the jury’s still out on whether I’ll go full Audrey Hepburn on this. Spoiler alert: probably not.


eiffel tower


I’ll also need to start asking the tough questions pretty soon. Just what do I need to pack? What was that mussels restaurant that I went to last time? Do I still know enough French to schmooze on the hotties? And for god’s sake where are all the YARN SHOPS


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