WIP Wednesday.

Today I’m working with two things I’m really crazy about, and one thing I’m really not.

PDX Carpet sock

Crazy: One of my regulars at the shop got me curious about these miniscule circular needles. I’m a DPN user primarily, since I get really bad laddering with two circulars or magic loop, so I was interested in the notion of having a continuous loop but a little wary of the obvious ungainliness. I’ve recently tried both Addi’s 8″ needle and HiyaHiya’s 9″, and I must say I do prefer the HiyaHiyas. That tiny extra bit of cable makes a big difference.

Crazy: This new yarn by Portland local Knitted Wit, Victory Sock. It’s a fabulous yarn, especially, it seems, for socks. It’s quite a firm yarn, which makes it super springy and it holds shape really well. This particular colorway is inspired by the carpet at PDX, of which we’re all getting weirdly possessive at the moment. I have another skein of this stuff in  bright teal. Love it.

Not crazy: So… I’m making socks. I’m not a sock knitter! In my whole knitting history, I’ve probably made a half-dozen pairs, and every last one of them has been for somebody else. Well, these are for me. ME ME ME. Perhaps that will help keep the Second Sock Syndrome at bay.

I thought that with my super knitting mojo on right now, I might could have these puppies finished in time for Crafty Wonderland this weekend, but it’s looking dubious. We shall see.


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