I’m broke but I smell pretty.

Woonwinkel had a charming little product launch for a local maker of perfume and other smelly lovelies, Topaz. From the looks of the Topaz website, their aesthetic borrows heavily from mythic nature and magic crystals and I can neeeever resist that sort of thing.

topaz perfumes

Indulged in a trio of fragrance samples. Atlantis is my favourite. It has a slight watery tang of propane, which sounds weird but rather reminds me of camping stoves and being in the woods.

Cairo: a dry desert of seduction and mystery. Notes of finding your way, sandstorms, towers of spices and unfolding time. For old souls, wanderers and adventurers. Myrhh + orange blossom + resins.

Lemuria: a transcendant scent of delicate fruit and white flowers. Notes of aurora borealis, spring blossoms and shifting visions. For light seekers, shapeshifters and gentlefolk. Jasmine + osmanthus + citrus.

Atlantis: a vibrant, watery, thoughtful scent. Notes of underwater visions, ancient trees dripping with spicy fruit. For deep thinkers, visionaries and the young at heart. Cognac + blossoms.

Woonwinkel also promised nibbles, bubbles, and Tarot readings. This was mine:

Woonwinkel and Topaz tarot spread, March 20 2015

The woman doing the readings drew the five in the middle first, then decided to pick one more. I must say, Cups and Pentacles are not particularly suits I identify with, but it was fun nonetheless.



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