Taking care.


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged here. The past months have not been kind. To make a long story short, I moved in with my boyfriend and partner of five and a half years last fall, and not two months later, he left me for someone else. The whole thing has happened without empathy, kindness, or integrity on either of their parts. It is difficult adjusting to my place in the world when everything about it is screaming that I’m not worth caring for, but the small support network that I do have is patient and understanding.

So I’m living again in a studio and trying to find comfort in the ownership of my own space. On a positive side, I’m knitting like the wind these days and actually (shock gasp) finishing projects, which so rarely happens normally, but even that feels empty when I’m creating out of desperation instead of inspiration.

Life goes on. For now, at least.


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